What we do


Ascolto Attivo designs and develops paths of participatory planning, creative conflict management, facilitation of decision-making processes and mediation.

We collaborate with local and national institutions, with territories and communities, with associations and citizens’ groups, with neighbourhoods, schools and condominiums, with private companies that want to improve their listening skills and creative conflict management, particularly when they are facing moments of transformation and growth.

We offer training courses in active listening, emotional self-awareness, creative conflict management, participatory methodologies and participatory planning.

We apply these core competencies in the participatory planning processes we design and conduct. Over the years we have gained experience in a wide variety of contexts: cohousing and social housing, urban regeneration and rehabilitation of abandoned areas, public debate and participatory budgeting, social inclusion projects in multi-ethnic contexts…



  • Participatory planning

    From Livorno to Pavia, from Naples to Fidenza, from Milan to Modena, together with inhabitants and administrations we have worked on shared projects for the recovery of abandoned and disused spaces, in order to transform them into spaces where creative potential and collective intelligence can express themselves to the full, creating opportunities for growth for the territory.
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  • Facilitation

    In addition to participatory planning processes, which often involve a very articulated programme and are developed over several months, Ascolto Attivo runs facilitation processes aimed at groups of people (companies, associations, groups of citizens) who want to tackle delicate stages of change and growth in a truly shared manner.
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  • Mediation

    Mediation in civil and commercial disputes was introduced in Italy in 2010. It takes place in special mediation bodies and is regulated by specific legislation (Legislative Decree 28/2010 and implementing decrees).
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  • Training

    All of us, wherever and however, make decisions and deal with conflict. At work, at home, in our relationships of all kinds we are called upon to make decisions with others and to manage physiological disagreements. Yet no one teaches us how to make participatory decisions and manage conflict creatively.
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