Our approach

Ours is a society of complexity. Each of us has a particular outlook and perspective, each of us confronts the other with values, interests and principles that are his or her own, and which are often ‘different’ from those of the other. This complexity often makes us feel in check; it leaves us powerless. Conflicts, even bitter ones, seem to be triggered independently, to grow rapidly and become irremediable.

There is a great need for meeting methods based on mutual recognition and respect, for decision-making and problem-solving methods that both build common ground and expand everyone’s possibilities of choice and initiative.
In a word, there is an urgent need for more facilitative leadership, capable of promoting more creativity and dialogue.

The approach we propose is based on these premises, on active listening – “if you want to understand what your interlocutor is saying, you have to assume that he is right” – on mutual learning, on the exploration of possible worlds.

These are ways of involving individuals and groups, of managing relationships, of stimulating creativity that enable us to activate the resources we have, to generate new ones, and to put them at the service of the objectives set, identifying innovative solutions and responses that had not previously entered the horizon of the possible.

Different methodologies and tools, developed over decades of international practice, can be used to do this.
On a case-by-case basis, based on the specific characteristics of the project and the needs expressed, Active Listening adopts the most suitable techniques, modulating their use in the various phases of the process to ensure their effectiveness.


Open Space Technology all'Isola

Open Space Technology all’Isola (photo Carlo Rotondi)