Torrente Seveso Laminating Area – Public presentation of the work

In 2015, the Seveso River Flood Prevention Plan was approved, which provides for the implementation of several interventions along the Seveso basin.

The construction of the lamination area in the former Snia area and in the municipalities of Paderno Dugnano, Varedo and Limbiate is part of this more comprehensive strategic intervention.

The project, which has completed the complex authorisation process and has been approved by the relevant authorities, provides for the reclamation of the former Snia area and the subsequent construction of the hydraulic works. Part of the area will be returned to the community as a city park.

The Lombardy Region, together with Aipo, has initiated a dialogue process with the territory, coordinated and facilitated by Ascolto Attivo s.r.l., which aims to share, in a transparent manner, all the information on the construction of the work and to involve citizens in defining the uses and design of the future public park.

For this reason, the project is structured in two phases:

  • the public presentation to citizens and all stakeholders of the entire project, in its strategic and technical aspects, both of reclamation and of the construction of the lamination area (phase currently underway);
  • a participatory planning process regarding the use of the green area that will be created and returned to the community (phase starting in October next year)

The first part of the public presentation of the project was completed in November with the publication of the final report. Participatory planning of the green area is scheduled to start in April 2022.