Mediation in civil and commercial disputes was introduced in Italy in 2010. It takes place in special mediation bodies and is regulated by specific legislation (Legislative Decree 28/2010 and implementing decrees). For some time now, both family mediation – where a third party facilitates dialogue and negotiation between spouses during their separation or divorce – and community mediation (ranging from third-party intervention in condominium disputes to mediation in environmental conflicts) have been gaining ground. Mediation can also be used without recourse to conciliation bodies, for example when there is no need for an enforceable agreement or for reasons of confidentiality. In addition to family and environmental issues, Ascolto Attivo has successfully experimented with mediation ‘outside the agency’ in the school sector and in the corporate/associative sector (in particular, in the case of disputes between partners or generational changes). La stanza di mediazione, di Stefania Lattuille Mediation paths are bound by confidentiality and therefore cannot be published unless explicitly authorised.