Workshop Reconstruction Camerino

Mario Cucinella Architects and School of Sustainability were asked by the Commissioner for Reconstruction, Vasco Errani, and the mayor of Camerino, Gianluca Pasqui, to draw up strategic guidelines for the reconstruction of Camerino after the 2016 earthquake. Underlying the Camerino Reconstruction Workshop project is the idea that reconstruction can be an opportunity for relaunch, development and growth, to do better and not simply go back to “the way it was before”.
This strategy also rests on the need to involve citizens in a concrete way, calling on them to take part in a process of true co-planning that redefines the future of the city.

Ascolto Attivo worked together with the project team by setting up and coordinating 4 workshops that allowed to elaborate a shared vision by the inhabitants for the future of the city, to think concretely about organic interventions, on the whole city, and specific to each portion of it (urban unit), aiming to create operational working groups, composed by inhabitants and technicians, concretely engaged in carrying out the reconstruction project.